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Recent comments from blog participants:

– “Interesting post throughout your site, I found each to be interesting and informative; all subjects researched thoroughly and well-written.” >A.J. Johnson<

– “Jut when I’m needing a writer’s company and productive enthusiasm, here you are! I’m going to subscribe to your posts and read each one before my writing day!
Profound thanks!”
Janice Colman

– “ I know other writers (including myself) who will benefit from the knowledge you are posting. Thank you, by the way, for taking the time to post it. It’s nice to hear what other writers are going through.”

Great site, great progress and for the lack of a better word, “Great” reading. I like everything you said and some of the things you didn’t say. I have been writing most of my life, and getting published for over 30 years and love it. Some of the things you posted are exactly what I say to newcomers.” Dr. Robert E. McGinnis

-“You’re so dedicated to your craft, and dedicated to writers. Props, gal. Smiles.” Kelly Mortimer. Mortimer Literary Agency

-“Thanks for keeping me up to date Jo-Anne. Congratulations on being the featured artist on the web site. I’m looking forward to the publication of your books!” Dr. Mel Konkel

49 comments on “CONTACT

  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date Jo-Anne. Congratulations on being the featured artist on the web site. I’m looking forward to the publication of your books! All is well in our world. We’ll get you up to date on our family one day.

  2. Great site, great progress and for the lack of a better word, “Great” reading. I like everything you said and some of the things you didn’t say. I have been writing most of my life, and getting published for over 30 years and love it. Some of the things you posted are exactly what I say to newcomers. The first book starts with the first word. Naturally, dreamers and believers are given a head start. The comment about a book in 17 days, if I work straight through, my 280 pages takes me two days, but and that is a big word, it takes my four readers and two editors over six months to hand it back ha, they are slow. Actually, I am bad. I write first for myself, second for my future generations and then if anyone else is interested, I will let them pay for the privilege.

    Again, thanks for being a writer, for being open and for being.

    If I didn’t know better, from your picture, I would have thought you to be one of my former students from Florida.

  3. Would love to be in Florida right now. Outside temperatures here in Saskatchewan, Canada have plunged down to minus 37 Celcuis with the windchill. Now to put that into perspective for all those fortunate folks who cannot relate: minus 37 Celcuis would freeze skin in less than a minute. And don’t breathe or you’ll freeze your lungs.

    Dr. Robert E. McGinnis, I’m so glad you dropped in. Always enjoy meeting new people.
    >better tell your staff to get snap’n, they seem to be drag’n<…lol.

    A further story into that seventeen days to write my first novel. I must confess, I thought I was finished. I saw my book on the shelves in Coles, just as soon as I found someone who’d type the thing. Little did I know. Good thing, actually. Probably would never have tackled this if I’d know it was going to be this difficult…not–like you, I’m in it NOT for the glory, but for the thrill of setting my characters free from my mind and down onto the screen.

    Perhaps some day, my characters will walk off my computer and end up on paper. Now, that would be just way too cool. Good luck with your series. The covers look great.

  4. I know it has been a long time since you responded to my first post (Dec 13), but Christmas time around here is full speed and non-stop.

    First, thanks for the cover comment. I wish I could do as well, I would save money. The covers are not my design. I only sign off on the approval.

    You mentioned you would love to be in Florida during some of your northern cold snaps. I no longer live in Florida but many of my book contacts are there. One of my friends, (a former student) lives right on the water and has named his guest bedroom after me. (I have yet to have time to use it.) But, it was a nice thought. I have his three children pictured on many of my websites. You can see their pictures at; http://paradisereaders.ning.com/ Many of my former students are now my close friends and about seven of them have become my relatives. I made it a habit to informally adopt one underprivileged youngster each year.

    Thanks again, You have been very kind. rm

    I do appreciate your reply, and hopefully, if you respond again, I will get to it in less than two weeks.

    My relatives live in Winnipeg and BC. They complain of the cold and when I did in fact live in Florida, they couldn’t understand why I complained about the heat. I am a cold weather boy.

  5. I noticed a link to my web page on the a page of your homepage, Wow, thanks, no wonder my books sales has gone through the roof. If you want to post your site on mine, you are welcome. There are several places and ways to do it. First, some of my pages have a comment section for viewers and you can leave a copy of your site there, additionally, you can go to my website mentioned in my previous post, place your address there. No problem and you are welcome. rm

  6. >blushing< Takes a lot to get Jo-Anne to turn red in the face.

    I’m sure all credit goes to you, but if my site can help a fellow writer promote, heck I’m there for yeah.

    Have a wonderful holiday.


    PS. The children are adorable and very luck to have you.

  7. The Children in the picture have wonderful parents, their parents were refugees from a war, came here, lived in projects, went to school, college, and began several businesses. First, a tee shirt business to pay for high school, then a real estate license to pay for college, and finally a huge mortgage brokerage. They have the typical American success story, Corvettes, water front mansion and all. Besides all of their success, they still come and visit me. Hard to believe.

  8. Fantastic site. With my fourth Trad Regency due out in May, I should know more about promotion, but sadly,it’s still quite a mystery to me. I’m grateful for any advise that leads the way and am so pleased to have found your site.



  9. Hi Hazel;

    Glad to help. I’ll send you: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen: Thirteen Tips On Building An Author Platform immediately. On my blog, feel free to click on the category: Marketing and Promoting. This will bring up specific posts on that topic.
    Chow for now and good luck.


  10. Hi Jo-Anne;
    I’ve enjoyed exploring your website/blog! And you live in SK! We lived in Moose Jaw on the base while my dh took pilot training, from march 2006 to late Aug. 2007. We loved it there. We’re now in Winnipeg, while he finishes more training, and are waiting to see in March where we’re heading next, or if he’ll be assigned here for the next three years.

    I had to “take” last year off from writing as I fell and shattered my shoulder last January. It took two major surgeries (eventually it was replaced by titanium in to the arm) to get me fixed up and I’m just now back at work in a bookstore. My typing’s improved and luckily I was able to get my handwriting back, although it’s not what it used to be.

    I’m excited to “friend” you and am in awe of the resources you offer. Even though we’re playing the waiting game till early March to see what happens next, I want to get back in to my writing. I feel I’ve lost a lot of time.

    blessings for the New Year!
    Laurie Wood

    • Hi Laurie;
      >Jo-Anne waves to a neighbor<

      So excited to meet you, and we’re so close. My world keeps getting smaller. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Let me tell yeah, I know what it’s like to lose abilities. Not fun. But, all things seem to have a reason in the end. Just need that crystal ball…lol.

      Does your hubby know a “Donnie?” I wouldn’t be surprised. Don works on the planes. My husband is a commercial pilot. We have a plane here in Yorkton.

      Love Moose Jaw. Use to take my students there for their year end trip. Been there lots. Winnipeg… I don’t want to go there. My husband likes the city but I always get lost. Okay, I’m not that good with directions.

      Now I’m side tracked. I’ll send you those resources ASAP. Take care and don’t worry about the ‘time’ thing. The unforeseen can’t be predicted nor can we plan. Just ride with the waves.

      Take care.


  11. Jo-Anne,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve already added your blog link to my blog roll. I’d love to be included in yours. http://www.laurinwittig.wordpress.com



    • Hi Laurin;

      Your site has been added to my blog. Your expertise in critiquing and your wealth of knowledge for any writer who wants to learn more about the “craft of writing” will benefit. Thank you.


  12. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Its Ladyillusion here from Promo Day. I promised that i would email you and i tend to keep my promises! I’ve browsed your website after trying to get through all the material from Promo Day, and will go back and read in-depth your articles.

    I think i will be in touch regarding marketing/publishing, as soon as i’m sure which direction i want to go in.

    Thanks for taking the time to speak to a novice on Saturday, i really appreciate it.

    Take care

    Kind regards,
    Barbara Johnson (Ladyillusion).

    • Hi Barbara;

      So nice to hear from you and happy to know you found Saturday PROMO DAY worthwhile. I have files of saved information that I’m planning on reading as soon as I can…never can learn too much.

      My partner, Brian, was online at our workshop at the same time as you and I were chatting. We are on the same page and REALLY ready to support your marketing/promotion as soon as you’re ready. Just let us know…we’re not going anywhere.

      Take care, my friend.


  13. Great site, from an authors perspective. xo

  14. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Now to keep the momentum going. That’s the hard part for me.

  15. Jo-Anne,

    I tried to leave a comment on your blog about your great new book, “Conquer all Obstacles” but couldn’t get the computer to cooperate. Anyway, that is all to say that I retweeted your announcement and put it on my Facebook. I also wanted to invite you to visit my blog as a guest to promote your book. I’m open for October 23rd thru 30th. If one of those days is good for you, then let me know. If not, we can set up another date.

    Best of luck with your book,

    • Hi Dianne;

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback. >Monday mornings are wonderful…:), after reading a comment like this<
      Never will I refuse extra EXPOSURE for me and my book (okay…perhaps there's such a thing as negative exposure, but you know what I mean). I'm THRILLED with your offer. Please contact me by email at jo@ppromtionals.net and we can discuss details. With you, having me guest blog on your site, my HEAVY TRAFFIC becomes YOURS, just as YOUR TRAFFIC becomes mine. A WIN-WIN.
      Again, thank you for the extra exposre, best wishes, and this near future opportunity.

  16. Hi Joanne,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, I went to Rocanville K to grade 12, but I was a year behind you in school.

    Congratulations on your book! Of course I have to buy it! I can hardly wait to get it. Roxanne (Polvi) Drews just told me about it via Facebook. Being the great reading buff I am, and also one who loves to see others meet their dreams and beat the challenges life throws them, I’m going to order it. Can you please sign it? Order coming through shortly …

    Calgary, AB

    • Oh my gosh…it is a day for memories. First Roxanne, and now you…:).

      WOW! Oh yes, I remember you. I can see your face clearly. We haven’t changed in apprearance too much over (what is it?) 20 yrs…lol.

      I’m thrilled your purchasing my book–sure you’ll recognize the location of some settings I’ve ficticiously named in sweet disguises.

      Thank you for your support…and being part of this dream. Its emails or comments like this that truly make me glow.

      God bless;


      “Spread the Word – Tell a Friend”

  17. Hello Jo-Anne,
    My name is Joseph J. Cacciotti, and at first I was a bit leary about getting on the facebook site. I must admit I’m very impressed with the amount of writers I’ve met so far on here.
    I have two books out now one non-fiction (Blue Collar Real Estate Mogul “Literary Work”) and a poetry (Poems for the Heart) which can be viewed on either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com type in my full name and both will pop up.
    In January 2010 the first of a ten book mystery/thriller series will emerge the first book (HURRICANE CORES THE BIG APPLE) will twist his way through New York. This is no ordinary Hurricane, this ia a detective named Hurricane. If you tune into http://WWW.WEBTALKRADIO.NET between December 21, and December 27, you will hear a fifteen to twenty minute interview about my book. Which is hosted by Valerie Connelly of Nightengale Publishing.
    If you have the time and tune in, please let me know how it sounds. Or if you have any ideas about promoting it, I’m open for discusions. My next four titles to come out will be as follows (Hurricane Rocks Wisconsin), (Hurricane Strips las Vegas), (Hurricane Strikes Rhode Island) and (Hurricane Mashes Idaho) This Hurricane will twist his way through California, Chicago, Tennessee and a few others before he get’s grounded.
    I’d be delighted if you would become a friend, and share our ideas and thoughts with each other. I always say you can never have enough friends.
    Well it’s getting late and I’m getting tired, but before I go let me once more invite you over not only as a writer, but as a friend.

    Thank You

  18. Hi Jo-Anne
    I would love to join your promotion. I am however not finish translating my childrens book from danish to english. Do you by the way know an editor, that would publish a book about a boy whose mother gets breast cancer and dies?

    • Hi Louise;

      My recommendation is for you to go into Linkedin and search for a group of editors/publishers/editors and then search for editors who’ve done your genre. Scroll down and read the recommendations listed on their profile page.

      Good luck!


  19. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Many thanks for publishing my blog on Mr Christopher, much appreciated. I’m so pleased, though not surprised, to see PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES going from strength to strength and wish you all possible success in the future.


  20. Dear JoAnne,
    HOw are you doing, Dear?

    Here’s the video I made after being inspired by your boots!

    THanks! Enjoy!

  21. Hi Timothy;

    I’ve passed on your ‘interest’ to my business partner, Brian Knight. He will be contacting you shortly. Thank you for reaching out….>Hugs< Jo

  22. Hi,

    I was able to access your marketing & Promotional tips page. Is it temporiarily inaccessable?


  23. This is a really cool site ….

  24. Thank you Jo-Anne for your message. I don’t get on FB ver often so I have missed the closing date for your offer.
    I don’t know if in my particular cicumstances there would be anything you could do.
    I have self published a book of poetry entitled ‘Love Letters To The Master’ I have advertised it on Facebook and shoutlife and Marja Meijers has featured it on Goodreads and her blog and so has Pam on her blog ‘Encourage2’.
    I don’t know what sales have been made through Xlibris and mazon and I have persoanlly been trying to seel the book amongst my family (result nil) but they will take a ‘freebie’ and my church friends have purchesed 8 with the strong encouragement of my Minister.
    I am making it a non profit enterprise with the profits to go to church and charities but I would need to sell over 360 books just to cover the outlay to the publisher.
    I also live in Australia which is an isolation in itself I find, as Aussies are not by any means sentimental!!
    I have a page on SHoutlife, Facebook Goodreads and my own blogsite.

    Wyn Barratt.

  25. Interested in getting higher traffic on to my site, getting more reviews for my book and increase sales I hope you can help me. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Kerri;
      Thank you for reaching out. Are you interested in the MID-NOV PROMO DEAL for $44.99? If yes, I will send you a Paypal request. I guarantee this WILL give you an increase in traffic to your site….which will hopefully, increase sales. Unfortunately, I (nor anyone else) can promise an increase in sales. There are too many variables.
      My business partner from PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES (http://www.premiumpromotions.biz ), Brian Knight, has a Book Title Promotion Service that you can purchase for $75. It is AWESOME!…as he not only reads your entire book; but he also, writes a review and (both of us) announce the review on the major distribution sites such as Amazon, B&N, etc. We take it to the next level, and feature your review on our sites (which has seen over 50,000 hits and receive around 200 hits per day)…talk about exposure! We also up-date our status updates in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn which announces your review. We both have hundreds of thousands of followers.
      Have a WONDERFUL day…and if you wish to contact Brian, just go to our business site and request by clicking the COMMENT link.

  26. Great Promo!

    Will keep in touch!


  27. Hi Jo-Anne,
    I have, with great interest, read a great deal and about you and by you and Knight and am greatly impressed.
    CreateSpace has just published my Memoir, THE ANATOMY OF SURVIVAL, AN ODYSSEY OF GLOBAL ADVENTURES (by Stephen M Nadukkudiyil) – 565 pages.
    A few months ago CreateSpace published my fully illustrated 36-page children’s book ON THE WINGS OF A DOVE, GRANDMOTHER TALES (by N.M. Stephen).
    Both books are marketed online by Amazon, Barnes& Nobles and Book A Million and in-store by some small local book stores.
    I am in your group in Linked and I would be glad to hear from you what you two can do to promote my book. The Memoir is also available in Kindle format. Children’s book will soon be.

    • Hi Stephen;
      So GREAT to meet you…AND CONGRATULATIONS on your published works!
      Yes, Brian and I work hard to satisfy our fellow-writer with marketing services within an affordable budget.
      Premium Promotional Services – *Your Create – We Promote* has services or combinations to meet the individual’s needs or marketing plan. Over the past 3 years, we’ve represented over 300 authors and many are coming back for more.
      Please click on the links or tabs on the top of our site: http://www.premiumpromotions.biz I am ready to give you guidance as requested.
      For example: RIGHT NOW, I am offering a PPS MID-APRIL PROMO DEAL (http://bit.ly/HaJyGV ) for 20% off original price. Because both books are different genres and will have different distributing links, I’ll have to charge you for both 2x$47.99…or if you’d like to do just one, I will be offering this service again in May…your call…
      I recommend Brian’s BOOK TITLE PROMO (http://bit.ly/HeCaa0 ) for $75 per book. He’s quite busy right now, so will probably be a month or so until the review can be posted and distributed to the high traffic sites.
      Do you have a website or blog? If not, this is the FIRST ‘thing’ you should do. If you go to blogger.com, you can create a site for FREE. Quite user-friendly, just follow the user-friendly directions…and if you have any problems, go to the HELP section or GOOGLE your question.
      Again, the same goes with Facebook Business Page and Twitter Account.
      Please let me know your thoughts and we can go from there.
      Have a WONDERFUL day!

  28. Am I ready for the Mid-April Promo Deal? “Journey Unknown, focusing on the emotional aspects of cancer, mastectomy and chemotherapy,: second edition has been launched by The Laurus Company. I have ordered your Internet Marketing book and should receive it tomorrow. Marge Barnhart

    • Hi Marge;
      YES, ordering the PPS APRIL PROMO DEAL will give your new book GREAT exposure and is a smart way to begin the ‘BUZZ’.
      The BEST results and GREATER chance for sales will happen if we can both work together exposing your book—team work. Once you establish a routine in the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads, it actually gets to be quite enjoyable—nothing better than promoting your passion.
      Proactivity is so so important. There are so many authors and books out there, that it is necessary NOT to isolate. Through my books, you will learn how to build a platform and ‘stand-out’ from the rest.
      Social Media Sites – Each has a HELP button. If you are still unclear, Google your question. Put one foot forward and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish. I DO have faith in you…and remember, I’m here for you.
      Would you like me to send a Paypal request for the PPS APRIL PROMO DEAL?
      Have a WONDERFUL evening!
      PS – Thank you for ordering my book…:)

  29. Hi Jo-Ann, Just re-listened to our radio interview back in 2011 re “Father, Forgive My Father”, and noticed that you mentioned a widget that I can have on my phone or pass on to others. How do I get that; I’ve looked and can’t locate it. Thanks again for the opportunity to speak to your listeners.
    Sandra G. Lee

  30. Hi, Jo-Anne! I thought your readers would find my post on book promotion helpful. I included your book in it. Thanks for the work you do in the world!


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