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PPS Book Title Promotion – “Pax Corpus” Author: Ryan S. Fortney

To protect and serve the survivors…this is Pax Corpus. The virus that brought about the apocalypse quickly turned into an epidemic before anyone truly knew what was happening. Dante Marcellus, then of the NYPD, soon found himself protecting the last remnants of humanity, as they evacuated from New York, from blood thirsty, ravenous zombies. The […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “The Complimate Quotient” By: Monica Strobel

Who Have You Complimented Today? This book, like a compliment, is a life enhancing tool. You look nice today. You did a great job on that project. Wow, that was a great dinner. The house looks awesome. All of these are compliments and many of us have heard them from time to time. Truth be […]

PPS Book Title Promotion – “Garden of Heaven: An Odyssey” by: Malcolm R. Campbell

Take a journey of mind and body. The wisdom of the elders is passed from one age to the next. As this wisdom is passed to the younger age some experience a change in their life while others experience a journey that transcends both time and space. In “Garden of Heaven an Odyssey” we journey […]

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YOU may be the next WINNER of autographed paperback books of both: (I will ship (FREE) the signed copies right after the announcement of the winners – May 1st, 2011) “Conquer All Obstacles” and “Premium Promotional Tips For Writers” Enter TODAY… Goodreads Book Giveaway Conquer All Obstacles by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Giveaway ends April 30, 2011. […]

Another Amazing 5-Star Amazon Review for “Premium Promotional Tips For Writers”

“Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Review by: Internationally Recognized Technical and Fictional Writer with Over 70 Books in Print – DUNCAN LONG – 2010-04-29 So you’ve written your masterpiece. Now what? Sadly that’s where most books about writing leave off. Gladly, that’s pretty much where Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s Premium Promotional Tips for Writers […]

PPS Book Title Promotion: “Conquer All Obstacles” Author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Title: Conquer All Obstacles Author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen ISBN: 978-0-9841680-1-9 Genre: Suspense – Romance Pages: 256 Reviewed By: Brian Knight Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 5-Star What would you sacrifice for love? Tara Robstead is prepared to sacrifice everything to find her true love and her happily ever after. But her journey leads her into the […]