Twusted Twitter Twools and Twips

Why is everyone talking about Twitter? 

Is this just a phase or will this be the next form of interaction to replace our blogs?

Today, many media social networkers are twalking or twyping with a form of speech impediment. But this is no speech impediment…this is the new world of Twitter.


Twitter is a VERY popular FREE micro-social network. A service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages (no longer than 140 characters). http://www.twitter.com

Twusted Twitter Tools:

Today, there are many tools for Twitter users and there are more and more surfacing all the time. Which tools will prove valuable will depends on our needs and purposes for tweeting.

Again, if you want to *Conquer All Obstacles* (just like blogging), you must ask yourself…

Why am I tweeting? If you are trying to build an author platform, target an audience, and generate traffic back to your site where your books are sold, then these are a few tools that you cannot afford to be without:

> Twaitter – twitter tool for us to reschedule reoccurring tweets. Free  http://www.twaitter.com/

> Tweetbeep – Discover what others are twitting about that has to do with you…Twitter Alerts – http://tweetbeep.com/

> Socialoomph – For free, set up around 2 weeks of tweets, going out in durations during prime time (6:00-9:00, 12:00-1:00, and 18:00 -20:00 est).

> Bit.ly – allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier. http://bit.ly/pages/about/

Sites for Writers Who Tweet:

Twitter Directory…A MUST have “WRITER’S ” List…if you twitter, this list is valuable: http://bit.ly/15QlDC

Marketing Tips For Authors: Top Ten Ways Authors Can Use Twitter: Dana Lynn Smith: http://bit.ly/28ayu

Twitter Tips

See your Twitter profile page…

1.) Bio – Most followers will read the one-line bio under “SETTINGS”. Include a direct link to a profile page rather than sending them to the homepage profile.


View profile of Jo Van @Prempromotions – Int Promo Manager. http://bit.ly/2UV7y

2.) Follow-up: Investigate your followers. Send a direct message.


Ty for following. I’m a Sask. Gal, runs my own Internet Promo business at: http://bit.ly/6aCh3 and personal blog at: http://bit.ly/pGGZX

3.) Feeds: A simple feed that allows your twitter post to automatically show up on your blog or website is by clicking on “SETTINGS”, scrolling down to “MORE INFO URL” and clicking on the “BLUE LINK – YOU CAN ALSO ADD TWITTER TO YOUR SITE HERE” and just follow the steps.

4.) Promote: Advertise your @prempromotions where ever and all over. Include your twitter link to your signature, add comments on twitter discussions, and leave a direct message with others who are following you.

A writer must conquer all obstacles.

> You must build an author platform that stands out from the rest.

> Target an audience suited to your niche or genre.

> Generate traffic (Friends/fans) back to your site.

> Display a fabulous site, highlighting you and your books. (Do not forget the visible button to purchase your book).

Take heed to the above tools, sites and tips.

Only when you continuously add a ‘w’ after the ‘t’ will you know you’ve been Tweeting a tad too long…lol.

Add me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/conquerall


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  1. Great concept for your blog. Enjoyed the reviews. Thanks for checking mine out as well!

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