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PPS Book Title Promotion: “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” By: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Internet Resource

Gaining exposure on the Internet has never been so easy!

Title: Premium Promotional Tips for Writers
Author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
ISBN: 978-0-9841680-4-0
Genre: Internet Resource
Pages: 130
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 5-Star

You have written a book and/or started an online business…now what?

Books need readers, and stores need shoppers. The only way to get them is by promoting and marketing. This is where “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” earns a lasting spot on your bookshelf.

So much more then a book of tips for writers…“Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” illustrates the expertise and experience of the author in a way that will inspire and motivate you to get on the Internet and go for it. From blogging to social networks, the importance of being active is emphasized. “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” has something for everyone interested in making a presence.

Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen has advised a multitude of people on her blog *Conquer All Obstacles*. Time and again, her knowledge and direction has guided these same people to huge followings and large numbers of friendships. Now she has put that knowledge and experience on paper in “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers.” With such a powerful tool at your fingertips, there are no limits on the exposure you can generate.

Are you ready for the exposure you have worked so hard for? “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” will guide your mouse clicks in the right direction.

I recommend “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” to writers and ALL who dream to be seen and heard on the Internet. Whether it be for fun or business, this inspirational book is a must read. The huge marketing benefits from this book are astounding!

To learn more about Jo-Anne, click HERE.

To purchase “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” from the author as paperback, click HERE or order from any online book distributor.

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