Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s Interview


This week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sharon Ball.  She writes upbeat continuous posts in a blog called, “A Break From The Norm“. Check it out and be prepared to be fully entertained.

Enjoy the interview…


A prolific writer of romantic fiction, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is also an Internet promotional manager for her business called Premium Promotional Services where *You Write – We Promote*. Biweekly, she posts on her personal blog *Conquer All Obstacles* FREE user-friendly articles for writers who want to learn more about marketing and promotional tactics. Recently, she’s earned Expert Author status on EzineArticles as her submissions have been accepted for publication.


1. It seems like there are blogs that cover every topic and interest under the sun. What are some of the things bloggers can do to standout and garner more readers?

2. Can you share with us a few tips for marketing books and other products using the internet?

> Define your nicheTerrorize your position and intensify your niche.


> Develop strategies to stand out from the restMeet The Needs Of Your Viewers


> Turn first impressions into loyal followersIt can be a challenge to get your first time visitors to return back to your blog/website, but it doesn’t have to be.


> Create a buzzI want to promote myself, show the world my writing/published books, but where do I start?


> Direct traffic


> Blog the right wayIs there a correct way to  blog?


> Develop an attractive blog/website to generate traffic


> Climb to the top ranks in the Search Engines – How do I optimize my site in a search engines perspective?


> Blog professionallyHow do I create a blog that *conquers all obstacles* and stays out of the slush pile?


> Produce a great post – “Blogging: A Delicious Post Devoured In One Bite

How do I combine great needed content and infuse my post with perspective and background to make it real for the reader?


3. Can you share with us a few tips for marketing books and other products using the internet?

Create an attractive blog – Your blog will work as an interaction link to your main site where you sell your books.

– Faithfully, post interesting and interactive articles.

– Design an author platform that will stand out from the rest and feature yourself on this blog.

– Link the purchase button/cover of your book on every page.

Establish a stationary blog/website – Your site, where you sell your books, should be very user-friendly (simple navigation).

Install webcrawler – This technique will help to snag your site and have internal and external links so your keywords will rank high in the search engines.

Remind yourself that ‘marketing’ is a business – Be professional and interact with your customers; yet, don’t be too pushy or you’ll scare them away.

Include strategies in your marketing plan – Develop a brand/signature, use tags, and network like crazy with your target audience.

Join discussion groups and promote your site – Constantly promote your site to Internet social media networks like Goodreads, Facebook, Shoutlife, Authorsden, LinkedIn, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Ning.com, Gather.com, Red Room, Twitter, etc.

4. As someone experienced in internet marketing and promotion, what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned that you wish someone would have told you when you first started in the business?

It’s a lot of work. I knew this when I opened Premium Promotional Services, but I underestimated the huge time commitment involved in even promoting one client.

Technology is constantly changing, and these changes are occurring faster and faster all the time. To keep up with these rapid advancements, constant education must be a part of my routine. It’s almost like going back to school and having to take a couple of hours of instruction every day just to keep afloat. I guess I needed to actually experience this fast pace before I could really relate. And now that I know, I just hold on and enjoy the ride.

The Internet world is HUGE! The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from starting this business is the sense of community–how vast this writing world really is and the great people I’ve met in this new journey.

5. What advice would you give to someone new to blogging?

KISS. Keep It Simple Silly-don’t be scared and enjoy the creativity that grows naturally inside of you. If you have a problem, ask. There’s so many of us that will just jump at the chance to help. We are all in this together.

If you don’t know your niche, don’t worry. Babble away-there’s no wrong answer. Your audience will guide you…so listen. It takes time, so be patient.

6. What has your experience been with using various forms of social media like LinkedIn and Twitter to promote yourself and or your service offerings?

I connect weekly with a dozen social media networks, each has its own audience and is an effective way to promote. You can never have too many friends…:).

I view the stats on my profile. I determine the time and energy spent at each network directly proportional to the number of hits or views. For example, when I began networking, I was on MySpace because it was quite popular. Now it has died down and the new and upbeat place to hang out is ShoutLife. A promoter must be prepared to change and learn new areas. I find myself on the lookout all the time.


Thank you, Sharon, for allowing me the time to answer your questions. It is my wish that others will learn from me…as I do love to share the wealth of knowledge to fellow writers.

Please do me the honors and check out my personal blog *Conquer All Obstacles* at: http://www.gr5mom2.wordpress.com. And if you’re ever interested in spending more time just writing and have the desire to let someone else promote you and your books, please visit my business, Premium Promotional Services *You Write – We Promote* at:


Blessings to everyone…and great writing.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen


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