Welcome To Jo-Anne’s Blog Site

This week only, I’m the FEATURED AUTHOR for the Romance Writer’s United Organization.  Do me the honor and check it out:  I’m so excited! >Jo-Anne is do’n the happy dance<

Welcome to my blog. I’m thrilled you have arrived… >waving and smiling<

“Conquer All Obstacles” is the theme–my message in each post.

Writing under a variety of categories: (‘Learning the Craft of Writing’, ‘Marketing and Promoting’, ‘Goals and Expectations’, ‘Revising’), there are patterns and directions in each post. You will gain a sense of strength and knowledge through many interesting topics.

Like a coach, I want my readers to feel they can trust me. We are on the same team. We have a common goal: to win. I’m here to encourage you; to mold you into stronger players. I will supply the information so you can relate, learn, and have the passion to pursue new and challenging avenues.

A blog is a marketing tool, essential for the writer even before the book is published. We, as writers and readers, are wise. We understand the value of money and time. You’re not going to waste your investments on something you know little or nothing about. This is why it is so important for a writer to build a platform and establish a relationship with their audience. Only when the reader gains knowledge and a sense of worth, will they invest their time and money.

Building this relationship between the writer and reader must occur before the book is published. It takes time to build mutual trust and is necessary for both the reader and writer so they can play together on the same team. If the writer waits until their book hits the shelves, it will be too late.

Feel free to post comments. I’d love to hear from you–communication is an essential component on any winning team or in any successful relationship.

I encourage you to subscribe (new posts will automatically enter your incoming email). Your address is safe with me and you will be receiving bi-weekly information without having to enter my blog each time.

Pass my blog site to others who will benefit. Share the wealth. There’s something to be said about increasing numbers…gains oppositional strength and a tough defense. An unbeatable team.

Together we can ‘conquer all obstacles’.


5 comments on “Welcome To Jo-Anne’s Blog Site

  1. Great feature on Romance Writers, Jo-Anne. WTG 🙂

  2. Hello Jo-Anne. You have a really nice blog going here. The amount of information is very impressive. I have a blog much like yours. I like seeing other blogs like mine; even if we talk about the same thing we present it in a unique way. I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links with me.

    My site is – The New Author at http://the-new-author.blogspot.com

    Keep writing. We all, as new authors, will make it one day. I look forward to that celebration.

  3. Nothing better then sharing the wealth of information with a fellow writer. Looking forward to our links connecting.

  4. Hi Jo-Anne,

    So nice to read your bio on Romance Writers United. Great organization.

    You’re so dedicated to your craft, and dedicated to writers.

    Props, gal.

    Kelly Mortimer
    Mortimer Literary Agency

  5. “Kelly Mortimer commented on my blog.” Can you believe it????

    >Jo-Anne screams for her husband, Randy, to come read Kelly Mortimer’s comment. Her mini-dacshound, Oscar, cocks his head, whimpers, and jumps off from his usual location. He runs to hide from the crazy woman.”Okay Oscar, you can come back to your spot beside me. I think I’ve calmed down”<

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